Appalachian Trail Anniversary!

This time, last year, I set out on the AT thinking I was just going to hike the trail and move onto the next venture of life. I soon realized there was soooooo much more to the equation. The AT isn’t about hiking… its about finding a way to laugh when your feet are soggy, about cheering when you find a trash can, about sharing your last two squares of toilet paper. Even more so… it is about the people. I have had so many individuals offer up their cars, homes, showers, wallets, you name it—and the best part is that they had no mal or misleading intentions. I have danced under the stars, napped on mountaintops, and eaten more oatmeal than one should eat in a lifetime. To this, I simply say I have so much to pay forward and remember that attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure. So, ADVENTURE ON! sending my love to fellow AT hikers! Oh and a quick side note, my next adventure commences May 2—Alaska here I come!

My world! Conquered!…for now

My world! Conquered!…for now

Hi Kate; Have you completed the hike and if so,what is your next adventure?I have enjoyed your blog and especially the pics;I realized that I am somewhat isolated by not traveling and seeing other places.If you have finished your journey I guess it was sort of a bittersweet feeling;happy you had accomplished such a venture and sad about not meeting new people and places. Anyway,let us know what your status is.


Richard in N.C.

Hi Richard! I made it!! It was the time of my life. Absolutely insane that I’ve been out there since April! Thank you so much for helping us along our way :) it is people, angels!, like yourself that made this adventure. I have stories for days about everyone who has helped out or reached out to us in some way. I’m not sure what my next adventure is yet but stay tuned! I think it’s near impossible to sit put at this point. I can’t wait to get started with something new, meet new people, see new places. We will keep in touch :) ill let the boys know you say hello. God bless

This is Tom. Tom is an angel.

He is the honored guest at dinner parties he doesn’t attend, he is the head chef for meals he has never tried, dog whisper extraordinaire and so much more.

Tom picked us up as we were heading out of town one late afternoon. The previous 3 days had been drowned in stubborn wetness and let us say, we were less than thrilled to jump back into the woods (but of course, keeping our heads high and smiles wide-ish). Well anyway, Tom picked us up and invited us over for a home cooked meal and a bed to sleep in…Goldilocks, who had an abscessed tooth and a face that was starting to swell jumped in Tom’s car and said yes please oh thank you. So myself, goldilocks, turbo, and zoro were in for a special treat— lots of them, Tom fed us an extraordinary amount of food… Ripened me up for the 100 miles of wilderness that were oh so close.

Tom’s deeds: ride to hospital for goldilocks, pesto pasta, pork roast, eggs Benedict, pancakes, more more more, GnTs (gin and tonics but with a wicked awesome twist), good company, a dance party, showers, laundry, beds, slack packs, my new flannel!, car rides, good company, four wheeler rides, puzzles, eyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeh…. We stayed for 3 more nights :). Thanks Tom Dickey!

P.s. ladies, he is a single man and oh so generous. If anyone is interested, you just send me a message ;)

P.s.s. the tree picture is called the dancing tree… Check it out, looks like the trunk on the right is being dipped backwards with the support if the left trunk.

Did a night hike up this mountain during a full moon. It was spectacular. It felt like we were actually walking on a moon cratered surface, super surreal.

We cowboy camped up on top and watched the sunrise. Yupppppp

Fording the river to Caratunk! We almost missed the last boat trip, but started running and made it by 3:58. It’s funny how when you really need to get somewhere or do something, that sore foot or tweaked knee is suddenly transparent.

One of the scariest nights ever. I have not once in my life been so terrified of a storm. The lightening and the thunder were one. Our tents shook with every strike. A stream was flowing on each side of my air pad. Everyyyyything was soaked. Cannot wait for dry feet! A couple of fords over these Maine streams today, lets hope all goes well!

RIP shoes… Absolutely destroyed. I step on a moist log and my foot gets soaked.

Loving Maine! Everyday I’m smiling and pushing forward. I can taste Katahdin.


I have a tremendous amount of updating to do! Sorry for the anticipation. I have been in the woods for the last 9 days as I ventured through the 100 miles of wilderness and across the last trek up to Mount Katahdin. —and yes, that made for 9 days without a shower, and of course I still smell like lilacs ;) I’ll do my best to replay the events of the past 2 weeks as I make the long, less invigorating trek home. Sending love and soon pictures/stories.

And I’ve made it!

This is it…

Hi everyone!! Pictures to come in a week or sooooo. Sorry for the lapse, but I just got into the 100 miles of wilderness and need to reserve my phone battery for the next week!!

How I’m feeling… Excited and nervous, accomplished and sad… It’s a back and forth wash of emotions but I always love change so I take it with a smile. I am coming to terms with this adventure ending as I look forward to wine and a dance party with Gwen, dinner and story time with Scotty and Crystal :), my mum and pops giving me back rubs and feeding me lots of food (right?) haha, playing with my pups, celebrating mister and misses Stolicker, and saying hi to my cheering section at the Stone Lodge. I love you all. Stay toned for a recap. Oxoxox. Sending so much love. Also, Natalie… I haven’t forgotten about that back rub you mentioned either… Love you!!

Katahdin here I come!

Last 120 miles… Absolutely insane. I will try to update in my final AT town tomorrow. Sorry it’s been a little lacking, I’ve been low on phone battery and wrapped up while trying to absorb every ounce of the trail that is left. Love you all. Adventure on. :)

Ninja farmer and the geisha. Great food and company at The Cabin Hostel in Andover, ME! Had to stop in to dry out from the rain the night before.

The last of the sunshine… Sooooo much enjoyed, wishing it comes back soon.